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If you have an appointment at the practice please remember to bring a covering for your mouth and nose.


Newsletter - October 2019
Although still working at the surgery, (we couldn’t let her go that easily) Dr Dennison has retired as the GP Principle of the Orchard Surgery and Dr Codlin has begun the next phase of her career.
Patients, friends and colleagues are invited to pop in to the Village Hall on Saturday October 26th between 2-4pm and join us in wishing Dr Dennison a happy retirement.
There is a message book in the surgery if you would like to send her your good wishes, and a collection is organized should you wish to contribute.
Please let your friends and neighbours who don’t visit the surgery regularly know!

Primary Care Networks
The last newsletter introduced The Ridge PCN – the joining together of 5 local practices working together to improve the health and wellbeing of the patients registered at Langley, Bearsted, Lenham, Sutton Valence and Headcorn.
In addition to the Tuesday evening GP and Nurse clinical appointments we will also be offering a Teen Support Service, please see the GP for a referral.
The services offered across the network will be
Physiotherapy – at Lenham or Harrietsham
ThinkAction counselling – at Langley, Bearsted, Sutton Valence, Headcorn
Health Visitor and Family Support at Headcorn
Frailty Nurse at Bearsted
Teen support at Langley and Headcorn
Intensive Suppport at Sutton Valence.
More details (and services) will be available soon.
From and other sources

“I had it once and it gave me flu…”
The injected flu vaccine given to adults contains inactivated flu viruses, so it cannot give you flu.
“I had it last year so I don’t need it again”
The viruses which cause flu change every year therefore thevaccines are newly developed each year which is why there may be delays to supplies. You should be vaccinated every year if you are in one of the risk groups.
“I’m pregnant so I shouldn’t have it”
You can have the vaccine at any stage of pregnancy and catching flu could make you very ill and be bad for baby. Having the vaccine can also protect your baby after they are born and during their early months. It is also safe for breastfeeding Mums in at at risk group
Who we can vaccinate at the surgery
Everyone over 65 (or will be on March 31 2020)
Pregnant ladies
Main Carers for sick or elderly relatives who would be at risk if you were ill
Patients with certain long term health conditions
Children aged 2 and 3
Patients living in care homes or other long-stay care facilities
Other places offering vaccinations
We cannot vaccinate school age children as this will be done at school.
If you don’t qualify for an NHS flu vaccination, visit your local pharmacy (there will be a fee)
If you have a fever, book your flu jab for when you feel better, if no fever, then you can still have it!
If you have an allergy to eggs, the flu vaccination may not be for you! Speak to your GP
FLU Clinics
Over 65s
 Saturday 12th October – please book an appointment

Under 65 and in at “at risk” group
Saturday 23rd November please book an appointment